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Introducing VIP Crypto Group Suite

VIP Crypto Group is the worlds first & only cryptocurrency software that automates all the manual processes seasoned crypto experts do manually to make you serious money, puts all the tools needed into 1 simple, easy digestible suite while removing all guesswork by providing you with the winning coins based on scientific crypto ratings. Our team has 10+ years’ experience.

Imagine being able to, with no experience at all, be given the winning coins instantly based on our one of a kind crypto software, invest in seconds & start profiting right away while being able to earn passive income with our strategies.

For many this will be your first time getting into the crypto space, so we have created a complete A-Z training series showing you everything: how to create your exchange account, how to open a wallet for free, how to buy coins, trade and what coins to buy. You will get access to our complete crypto portfolio.

This is not just a traditional “buy low and sell high” crypto method like you’ve seen before – This is something new that is PROVEN to work.

The VIP Crypto Group is beginner-friendly, so you don’t need any prior crypto trading experience to get started.

Inside, you’ll get access to our own portfolio, what we are buying and what we are doing to earn massive daily passive income.

Our Mission

Help You To Change Your Life Forever

Making consistent crypto profits allows you to live a life that most people only dream about. Today, we’re giving you everything you need to learn, a powerful crypto investing method, so you can stop wasting time and money and finally make profitable trades.


As our thank you to every affiliate who has provided GREAT support and BIG effort for the success of this launch, we will give the Prizes listed below to EVERY AFFILIATE who passed some amount of sales you can see on the Diagram below:

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First Place

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Second Place


FROM 11th - 17th FEB

JV Partners Contest


Leaderboard position and overall contest ranking is determined by total sales generated during the contest period from 09:00 am EST February 11th, 2022 through 11:59 pm EST February 17th, 2022 unless otherwise specified. To qualify for cash prizes, you must make equal or more than the prize payout in commissions. If you don’t make the equal or more amount of commissions, then you’ll be paid out the amount you’ve made in commissions depending on your prize winnings. “Everyone” Wins Contest winners are based on product sales only, winner receives only highest prize attained. Affiliates may form a team to qualify for full leaderboard prizes, maximum of 2 affiliates per team, must be arranged with launch manager no later than end of day February 10th, 2022, no exceptions.
“Everyone” Wins Contest – Individuals only.

4th to 10th Place – 1 Year FREE Access


We’ve decided to completely change the game on this one & ensure that 4-5 figures are put into your account EVERY SINGLE MONTH with what will be the number 1 crypto recurring launch.
VIP Crypto Group will help your customers to make money with cryptocurrency … it’s that simple.
vip crypto group funnel

VIP Crypto Group is a unique product that users will be able to get results right away and when this happens users are more than happy to pay recurring subscription – we are putting all the OTOs into the single funnel in launch week to add to the scarcity for your audience AND to ensure your users LOVE the product giving you recurring commissions as they keep getting results. It also adds to the stick rate as users LOVE not having upsells and getting EVERYTHING at first sign up.



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Crystal balls for profit-telling?
What your future self would tell you


Imagine getting a message from “future you” … telling you after seeing it unfold
about one of the biggest financial opportunities of your life. It’d be like having a
crystal ball telling you how to profit.

In a few short years - if not sooner - more people are going to make more
money with cryptocurrency than in practically ANY other market.

That’s not fortune telling, it’s reality.
There are already over 8000 cryptocurrencies trading on over 100 exchanges.
Multiple fortune 500 companies already accept crypto.

Currency trading is HUGE business … with an average daily volume of over
5 trillion dollars …
Money in all forms is traded every single day … and crypto is set to become
a huge part of this market.

People that get in early will have a MASSIVE advantage.

The good news is my friend Leo & his team has developed a software that
automates the entire process of profiting with cryptocurrency.
Including COMPLETE step by step training to make you an expert in no time.

Based on proven methods from the most successful crypto traders in the game …
Tested with life-changing results by both beginners and experienced investors.

Your future self already knows how big the crypto opportunity is.
And is begging you to take advantage.

Stay tuned for my next message when I’ll share complete details of this 1st
ever software suite to SKYROCKET your profits with cryptocurrency.

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Lifestyles of the rich and UNfamous
Would you rather be rich or famous?


Not sure about you, but I’ll take money over fame every day of the week.
Plenty of hollywood stars and sports legends lose their fortunes.
Personally I’d prefer to keep my money and leave the fame to others.

Outside the online marketing game, there are plenty of ridiculously wealthy
people no one’s heard of.
Some are making 7 & 8 figure profits with cryptocurrency.

If you haven’t heard, bitcoin & crypto are becoming the fastest growing currencies
in history … and there’s massive opportunity for people that take advantage.

My friend Leo and his team took a year to create the best cryptocurrency recommendations based on scientific crypto ratings.

Then developed the 1st ever software to automate the process of trading cryptocurrency for profit.

He’s included step-by-step training showing even absolute beginners how
to use the system … and more importantly how to profit.

If you’re after a second income …
Want to build a portfolio or simply make some quick daily profits …
You’ll want to take a very close look.

Full details on this revolutionary software system coming in my next message.

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P.S. this system has been EXTENSIVELY tested, this is something revolutionary that is proven to work … make sure you look for my next email
where you can see their life-changing results.


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$ talks, BS walks
THIS is the new gold rush [100% beginner friendly]


So many moving parts to making money online.
Websites, content creation, paid ads, list building, email marketing ...
All to do what? Hopefully find prospects you can someday convince to
buy something.

No matter what anyone tells you - it’s hard work. Which is why around
97% of people that try, never make a dime online.

If your goal is to make more money in less time than you’re making with
your current job or business …
Online marketing may NOT be the best way to go.

>> Click here NOW to see how complete beginners are making 6+ figures
every month!

This isn’t rocket science.
You don’t need ANY experience.
Just be willing to tap into one of the fastest growing markets in history.

We are talking about "The Greatest Money Revolution of All Times".

>> Check it out

You’ll be shown step by step what to do, when to do it, and how.
Given a powerful software platform that automates everything for you.

No websites, traffic, lists, customer support or ANY of the traditional IM
hassles everyone says you need.

Real? 100% - proof all over the page.

97% failure rate with online marketing.
This system works or the vendor will give your money back.

You can’t lose.

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What’s in YOUR wallet?
The coin that’s better than gold


Seems like years since people have carried physical cash in their wallets.
Debit & credit cards changed everything.

Now there’s a new change - digital money.
Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ethereum … whatever you call it, digital currency
is here to stay. And growing so fast that in some cases these coins are worth
more than gold.

TRADING it has become extremely lucrative for those that know what they’re

Want to cash in on the hottest financial market on the planet?

>> Check this out NOW!

World’s 1st ever crypto system to completely take you by the hand and show you the process of buying, selling
& trading cryptocurrency for profit.
Built on the methods of the most successful crypto investors in the world.

COMPLETE, step-by-step training & support. Dedicated VIP Crypto Group. Join a community of fellow crypto traders and learn from the best in the game.

You can start for as little as a few bucks per day … then use your profits to
really scale up.

Get results … or your money back.

>> Full details & demo here

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It’s like day trading for beginners
Flipping coins for profit? It’s called “cryptotrage”


Day trading was once a popular way for experienced investors to make money.
Buy & flip stocks in a single day, HOPING to make a profit.

Very risky, and very time-consuming. These traders usually had to stay glued to
their computers all day.

Thanks to technology, cryptocurrency and this revolutionary software, day trading
for profit just became a reality for anyone.

Cryptocurrency is a VERY big deal.
Over 8000 coins trade on over 100 exchanges.

You can build a long-term portfolio, take short positions to make quick cash …
even tap into DAILY passive income profits (I like to call it ‘crypto staking’)

>> All with THIS system that automates everything for you!

You’ll get step-by-step training showing you how both the software AND
cryptocurrency work … so even if you’ve never heard of Bitcoin, you’ll be
an expert in no time.

Legendary support plus access to a VIP Crypto Group where you can network
with fellow traders and industry experts.

Some beta testers are ALREADY making 6 figure monthly profits with this

Lots of promises out there.
Very few back it up.

Well the creator is so confident you’ll succeed, that if you don’t get results,
you'll get your money back.


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The “no customer” profit model
No website, no traffic, no product - just profit


As exciting as internet marketing is, we often forget just how how many
moving parts are involved.

Domains, hosting, websites, autoresponders, page builders …
Just a few of the tools you need before you even get started.

All with the goal of selling something to somebody.

Sure it can work, but it does have a 97% failure rate.

Want a shortcut to profit WITHOUT customers, traffic or all the rest?

>> Watch this video now!

Digital money is growing SO fast …
There are over 8000 types of cryptocurrency trading on over 100 exchanges.

This software automates the entire process of profiting in this market.

You won’t need ANY experience - full training provided.
You won’t need more than a few bucks to get started.
You won’t need to take unnecessary risks - you’re ALWAYS in control.

And the software sends you ALERTS indicating new opportunities,
when to buy and when to sell.

Months in development, built on the same methods used by the most
successful crypto investors on the planet.
Proof of results all over the page.

Legendary support and an entire community in your corner.

If you’d like to make some serious profit without all the hassles …

>> This is EXACTLY what you need

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Why this gets my TOP recommendation
[Open sesame] He’s making it TOO easy


You know I’m often looking out for products & solutions to help you
get better results. While sadly some products don’t get my approval,
once in a while something REALLY special comes along.

There are a lot of reasons why I’m so happy to recommend VIP Crypto Group:

=> they have been EXTENSIVELY testing this system over the years with a huge profit record

=> the cryptocurrency opportunity is absolutely massive right now

=> this is the world’s 1st software to COMPLETELY automate the process
of profiting with cryptocurrency, AND to send you recommendations about
the best opportunities including when to buy, sell and trade

=> having access to their crypto portfolio ALONE is worth way more than they're charging - you
can literally make a huge profit in no time

=> the step-by-step training will make you an expert on cryptocurrency even
if you’ve never heard of bitcoin

=> their customer support is legendary & they offer a money
back guarantee if somehow you don’t get results

Whatever business you’re in, it’s always nice to have an extra income stream.

>> It doesn’t get easier than this!

Fair warning - the price on this is going up, so take a close look and secure
your license for the lowest possible price.

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How to shift your profits into high gear
Rags or riches? Win by following the money


Fads or gimmicks can maybe make you a few short term bucks …
But they’ll never make you rich.

The real money comes by leveraging MAJOR shifts in the market.

Take cryptocurrency. What was once thought of as a fad has become
an entirely new way of exchanging money for products & services …
which represents a MASSIVE shift in how business is done globally.

According to this investors.com article from April 5th:

“Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have taken off as they gain more
mainstream acceptance, from exchange operators like CME and CBOE
to Wall Street investment banks and mobile payment company Square.”

Consumers have ALREADY voted with their wallets.
And the NEW shift is toward digital currency.

If you get in front of something this big, you can literally make windfall
profits and CONTINUE to profit as more and more consumers make
the jump to crypto.

Question is, HOW do you take advantage?

>> With this

See how this cryptocurrency expert team developed this increadible system that puts YOU in front of the crypto craze.

They personally use this same methodology to make huge profits year after year.

Fads are for fun.
SHIFTS are for making money.

>> Time to shift YOUR profits into high gear

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[Closing soon] Autocrypto profits
[Almost gone] Profits from coin flips


Hey I’ve been telling you all about VIP Crypto Group and why I think it’s one
of the best income producing tools I’ve ever seen.

So thought I’d warn you that the launch special is coming to a close …
and shortly the price is going way up.

Same product, same software, same legendary support …
Just a MUCH higher price when the timer counts down.

>> Get it ALL here for the lowest cost!

If you’re still on the fence, take a close look at the proven results and
feedback from real testers of the system.

Crypto is a massive opportunity right now, and the VIP Crypto Group is ALL YOU
NEED to take full advantage.

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P.S. remember, there are NO upsells or hidden extras … everything you
need is included >> get all the details here!

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